Family and friends have always asked her for advice when deciding on outfits so it is only fitting that Emily’s finally turned her fashion skills into a career. After receiving two degrees, the world is at her fingertips! Fashion, communications, public relations and business management, bring it on!

While these are what seem to be presenting themselves as current opportunities, Emily’s degrees are in public relations and apparel marketing. She has internships in event planning and communications. Relocating is absolutely a possibility! From her course work and internships, she brings with her approximately two years of experience and a unique outlook of each industry.

She is very organized and has an eye for detail making sure her work is correct and accurate. Emily is also very skilled in the knowledge of PCs and Macs, proficient with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and the Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator).

On the flip side, Emily enjoys boxing, basketball, rafting and horseback riding. She enjoys vacationing in Colorado with her family. She has been riding horses and playing basketball since she could walk and enjoys both very much. She also has a dog named Angel and a horse named Cadillac.