Examples of my work for classes and clients.

InDesign Fashion Magazine

For this project I created in InDesign, I produced a fictional magazine. The magazine had to be visually attractive, follow basic design principles and use my previous skills in Illustrator and Photoshop.


This assignment was for my public relations technique class. I utilized Adobe Illustrator specifically for this project. My client was the Sunset Zoo and our job was to create two new logos for them. For one I played off their name, sunset, and the other off the zoo/animal factor.

Logo-Wheat Project

This assignment was part of a group final project for my public relations technique class. I created this logo for a faux client using Adobe Illustrator. The requirement was to create a black and white logo and a color version for the client. We decided to use wheat as our main symbol so I created the wheat stock and kept it simple by just adding the text.

Illustrator Assignment

For the my Illustrator project, I designed marketing and merchandise material for a fictional company. The final products must show viewers the businesses target market and products it represents.

Photoshop Assignment

For this assignment I had to put together a design board in Photoshop representing the (1) image, (2) merchandise and (3) target market of my brand, Chanel. The board had to effectively communicate the brand, merchandise and target market.

Fashion Article

I wrote this piece during one of my journalism writing classes. The assignment was just to find something that really appealed to you and write an article. With my other interests in fashion, and having toured the museum many times, I decided this was the perfect fit.

Media Relations Plan

This is a media relations plan I did for a mock event in my PR campaigns class.

Wesley Brochure

This is a mock brochure I made for my public relations writing class. It highlights some of the best parts of the baby hospital and some of their upcoming news.

Riley County Humane Society

This is a mock press release I also made for my public relations writing class. The Humane Society was our client and we had to put out a press release for a first time ball to raise awareness.

Client Press Release

This press release is part of a packet I put together for a final project using Wesley Medical Center as my client. The press release discusses their upcoming pig lab to certify trauma surgeons.